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2009 News . . .

NEW: Penguin Releases Calvino
(Cosmicomics now all in one volume)

NEW: "The Daughters of the Moon" in The New Yorker

& "Two Cosmicomics" in Harpers Magazine (Subscribers only)

Old News:

SPECIAL: Calvino on Che--"The Words that Failed"
October 9, 2007, 40 years to the day after Che's death.

Wednesday, January, 12, 2004. Merkin Hall, NYC

A new premiere based on Italo Calvino's Cosmicomics. A collaboration with Peter Nigrini video designer, and Richard Carrick, and will be presented by the Sequitur Ensemble.

The concert also includes:
Eve Beglarian, Creating the World
Bunita Marcus, Adam and Eve
Carlos Carrillo, Como si fuera la primavera

View a video sample.

Cosmicomics is a multi-media collaboration between composer Richard Carrick and video projection designer Peter Nigrini. It is based on four magnificent fables from Italo Calvino’s novella of the same name.

Calvino’s main character exists throughout time and space, experiencing scientific phenomena such as the universal singularity before the big bang, the curvature of space caused by massive objects, and the threshold beyond which light from the universe will never be able to reach earth. Quirky, inspired, and endlessly inventive, Calvino’s stories humanize these phenomena by spinning out absurd tales of frustration, love, insecurity, and loneliness.

Carrick and Nigrini have scored these four stories as a 25-minute work for narrator, chamber ensemble, multi-channel video and electronics. As a multi-media concert piece where live performance is paramount, the
video is interactive and controllable in real-time, allowing the performance all the freedoms normally afforded in a traditional concert.

Cosmicomics is a collaboration of sound and image that equally blend all aspects of music and the moving image. It does away with the hierarchy of one media leading the other, creating a meta-work consisting of light, timbre, color, harmony, image and gesture. The world premiere is presented by the “perfect ensemble” for theatrical music (Time Out New York) the Sequitur Ensemble of New York City at Merkin Concert Hall (129 West 67th Street) on Wednesday, January 12, 2005 at 8pm. Tickets $15

Well, not news of the polite variety in this case . . .

If on a winter's night two lovers ...
John Hooper in The Guardian. Aug. 18, 2004. "The sex life of Italy's most respected 20th-century novelist was heading for the courts yesterday after his widow instructed lawyers in Rome to seek an injunction banning the publication of further extracts from his passionate correspondence with a married lover."

Today's news is not the end of the affair
Peter Preston in The Observer, Aug. 22, 2004. "Italo wrote Elsa some 300 steamy letters of the 'I'll rip your clothes off' variety - and the Corriere is printing them. Calvino's widow, meanwhile, is trying to stop them. Will she succeed? Perhaps, on copyright grounds." Preston moves on to David Blunket very quickly.

Italian novelist's love letters turn political
Elisabetta Povoledo in the International Herald Tribune, Aug. 20, 2004. "It started out as a soft summer feature, one of a series of light pieces about famous couples crafted to hook the reader's interest while filling newspaper space during a traditionally slow season. But the publication this month of nearly 50-year-old letters by the novelist Italo Calvino to his former lover, the actress Elsa de' Giorgi, has sparked an acrimonious cultural debate with a deeply rooted political subtext."

Old News
The Hermit in Paris--a selection of Calvino's autobiographical writings--was published in early 2003 in hardcover. A paperback edition will be made available in January of 2004. Read reviews at the The Observer, the Washington Times, and the LA Times. Read an excerpt at the Paris Review.

Two other books are now listed on Calvino's Letters (0099332213) and Classics (0099332116) are (supposedly) to be published in 2004. That is the extent of my information on these two items (thanks to Phil for pointing me in this direction).

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