Malbork's Favorite Links  

Prof. Frank Pajares' Italo Calvino site
Pajares offers an extensive list of on-site book reviews, Gore Vidal, pictures, timeline, and numerous selections from Calvino's work. An impressive tribute to Calvino.

The Libyrinth Calvino Site
A subsection of the well known The Modern Word website which also hosts impressive pages devoted to Pynchon, Borges, and Joyce. Not fully developed currently, but should be impressive eventually.

The Italo Calvino Home Page
Ypram Puius' site has publisher summaries, tables of contents for various works and links.

In Calvino Veritas: The Critical Calvino Page
Paul Willenberg's site offers some short critical essays.

Italian Sites:

Il Narratore Italian Site
Includes several brief (mp3 sudiobook) excerpts from Invisible Cities by Moro Silo, Fitz Chris, and Pittarelli Martina.

A very nice Italian site with content.

Calvino Site courtesy of Italia Libri

Another Italian site focused on Mr Palomar

EPDLP: Italian Site
Several pictures of Calvino at different ages.

Italo Calvino Online: Sito della memoria Italo Calvino

Authologies: Italo Calvino
A French site with biography and bibliography

Research Links

Voice of the Shuttle Home Page
Subtitled: Web Page for Humanities Research. A must-see if you are interested in literature on the web.

The English Server
Another great source for literary research.

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